Brand Design, Management and Strategy

We help your story unfold – identifying the key values your brand represents and distinguish your business from your competitors.

Logo & Visual Identity Elements of Your Brand

Branding… so much more than logo design. Your brand identity is the perception others have of you and your business. It establishes you as an industry leader, providing a sense of originality, professionalism, and expertise.
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Helps you stand out from the competition

Hart Design

Captures your audience’s attention


Hart Design

Creates a sense of professionalism

Hart Design

Acts as an indicator of your business’s success

Hart Design

Is attractive and memorable

Hart Design

Acts as a focal point for your company

Brand Strategy & Identity

We offer unique design solutions to our clients. We meet each client in person and create custom designed graphic artwork. Each logo we create is unique and tailored to meet our clients specific needs. We come to understand and believe in your vision. Our core focus is developing brands for companies wanting to revitalise their brand, engage their employees, and create better business opportunities.

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Full Service Branding & Marketing Agency

We provide all the creative services you need to build your brand and engage your audience, from content and ad design to marketing strategies and fully responsive websites. When we develop a brand strategy, we actively research and consider who your audience is and how to capture their attention on any platform. The result is a cohesive look and feel that will resonate with your audience and create a lasting impression within all media from print to web and social networks.

A brand continuity will ensure that your audience notices you, remembers you, and thinks of you often.
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Your Visual Identity

Your logo, colours, typography, photography, patterns, tag lines, packaging, business cards and stationary.

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Your Digital Presence

Communicating with your clients online via social media networks, your website, blog posts and email marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Continuity

Carrying your brand into the world with consistency, across all on-site visuals from printed materials to posts design and images on your social media platforms.

City Siteworks is a great example of a company we have helped to create an attractive branding system.

We designed a website that is easy on the eye and makes it simple to do what you’re there for — find more information on what they do, get a quote or contact them. Their bold colours are appealing and identifying: navy on white, with calls to action highlighted by a deep yellow. We also designed a company profile and business cards. Also we know that social media is where the brand continuity ball often gets dropped – so we created and designed visual assets for their Instagram and Facebook accounts according to their brand identity.

Ready to be our next great example of branding consistency that excels across all media?