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Content Creation is About Telling Your Story

As a creative design agency, Hart Design have the capabilities to generate content for your website and social media campaigns. It’s a well-worn clichè, yet the mantra “content is king” is truer today than ever before. In today’s SEO landscape, what’s really important about content is its quality. We’re an accomplished team of content creators producing original and well-crafted content for businesses in Auckland and around New Zealand.

Content creation is not just about Copywriting. While critical to good SEO, words alone are not enough. Content is the collective term for text, photography, graphic design elements – such as infographics – and video. As content creators we can produce all of these elements for your business.

Think about Google’s core aim: to answer everyone’s questions with the utmost in accuracy and speed. The better they do this, the better Google becomes as a resource, and the more people use Google Search over their competition. This in turn fuels their PPC advertising which is what earns them their money.

So, how does Google choose which web page most accurately and speedily answers any given question? In a very large part, its influenced by Content. If you aren’t telling your story well, Googlebot cannot fully understand your web page and won’t rank it as highly as another page that does. If you’d like to delve deeper into the this topic, there are plenty of good posts on content out there.

Use content to break up the big rocks in your product or service into fine grain detail. For example, if you’re an architect, you should have content that delves deeper into all the little aspects of the service you provide. This may be your thoughts on the use of ecologically responsible materials, the difference between a draughtsperson and an architect, or the challenges of Council consents.

Case studies that showcase the work you do is a wonderful way to tell your story. Check out what we’re doing for The Plant People that helps explain their vast array of services. Real-world examples of your work help both Google Bot and human visitors understand what you’re about.

By maintaining an ever-growing library of information, Google will come to know your website as an authority in your field. And by discussing your subject matter through words, images and video you will put yourself on the frame to answer the questions that people are asking when searching the net.

Content Creation Services

Getting started with a new website design can be a challenge for many businesses. Our content creation service is all about taking the pain away from your next web design project. We can produce the word count, photography and video necessary to make a high-impact website.

Looking ahead, you can leverage our content creation services is to cherry-pick the elements you need and bundle them up in a monthly Digital Marketing Plan. Here are the ways we can help you to tell your story online…

copy writers

You’ve probably heard that content is king! We have writers experienced in creating value-added, SEO-ready copy


Tell your story in colour: enhance written content with photography and you’ll fast-track the success of your website

video production
Video Production

Video testimonials, time lapse video and more. Capture the imagination of your website and social visitors with video

drone photography
Drone Photography & Video

Wow your audience with stunning aerial photography – we can produce still images and video footage from the air

social media management
Social Media Management

Ideal for B2C businesses! We can manage your social media pages to help connect with a larger audience

Search Engine Optimisation

Once the content is created, we’ll optimise your web pages according to SEO best practices

Looking for content creators to tell your story?

We love creating engaging content for your website and social media pages. We’ve been helping brands tell their story since 1995.