Graphic Design Portfolio

Our graphic design portfolio showcases our recent design projects. If you need help taking your brand to another level, if you’d like to hit your market with maximum impact, we should talk.

At Hart Design we have a 25 year background in graphic design, predating the dawn of the computer graphic design age. Our qualified and highly experienced team of Auckland graphic designers live and breathe design and welcome any graphic design challenge. We have a history of elevating the look and feel of our client’s brands which in turn elevates their ability to impact their industries in a powerful, positive way.

First impressions, as the clichè goes, are important. Your corporate image is massively influential to your success. Take a look at your brand and marketing materials with a critical eye. What does the look and feel say about your business? Does it reflect your values? Will it engage those new to your brand? Or does your brand fail to mirror your professionalism, expertise, your level of quality and reliability?

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