Project Description

Essence of Ceremony

Logo Design for a Unique Service

Auckland Logo Designers

Hart Design is an Auckland logo designer. We were tasked with designing a logo that captures the essence of an innovative new product from Lucentt. Ever striving for fresh thinking in New Zealand’s funeral industry, Lucentt has launched a unique system to their clients. Named Essence of Ceremony, this product helps funeral directors to articulate the value of a funeral to families.

Lucentt had staged four examples of what Essence of Ceremony can look like in the flesh. We provided the on-site photography of these installations for use in large format printing and on the Lucentt website.

The concept of expression is central to what Essence of Ceremony is all about. It’s about encouraging families to create a unique funeral that becomes a fitting tribute for their loved one. We wanted to encapsulate this freedom of expression with the logo design.

To achieve a successful logo design, we gave careful consideration to typeface, icon design, composition and colour.

Our creative Auckland logo designers trawled through many hand-drawn fonts before settling on precisely the right look. Sister Slimes Script offers a rare combination of both exuberance and clarity in a hand-drawn typeface.

This delightfully spiritual font instantly brought the product to life. Next, we needed a complimentary icon design to accompany the typography.

Doves are synonymous with funerals. The all-white birds are used across many cultures to represent peace, the purity of the spirit and to quiet troubled thoughts. This made a dove the perfect addition to this logo design.

Our logo designers crafted an illustration that echoed the expressive Sister Slimes font. The style is positive, elevating and free.

The size and placement of each element in this logo design were given careful consideration. Each component is irregularly offset to continue the motif of expression. Yet as a whole, the logo is in perfect balance.

The final element, “by Lucentt”, anchors the logo. Its purpose is to provide a clear connection between a new product (EOC) with the highly trusted name in the funeral industry (Lucent).

Lucentt’s colour palette comprises of black, sky blue and red. It was natural for our logo designers to continue this theme into the brandmark for Lucentt’s new product. Black is used predominantly to provide a foundation. Sky blue, another nod towards freedom and expression, was then selected to accentuate the logo design.