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SRS Clinics

Woocommerce website design

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SRS Clinics came to Hart Design seeking an eCommerce solution that enabled them to sell to a global market. Using WordPress we have built a new Woocommerce website design.

SRS Clinics have selected twelve health tonics carefully curated to form the cornerstone of all their treatments for the most common chronic ailments affecting many people around the world today. SRS Clinics deliver a comprehensive system of healthcare aimed at providing effective treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. All of the treatments are 100% natural, effective and have zero side effects.

Over many years as experienced, professional Auckland website developers, Hart Design has worked with many ecommerce platforms. We have experience using Opencart, Magento and Joomla – all popular open source CMS platforms. Having run the gamut of online shopping systems, our go-to ecommerce software has become WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin.

We love Woocommerce website design because it strikes the right balance between being feature rich, it’s flexible, offers relatively quick deployment and not least if all, it’s easy to operate for online retailers. And of course, our expert website designers achieve great UX design with WordPress and Woocommerce.

When you want to sell something online, there are a number of things you need to have established before the website development begins. As ecommerce web developers, it’s important that we know a few key details before we get started. The alternative – working it out on the fly – can lead to unexpected cost overruns. In the web development game we call this “website creep“. It’s where a web design project starts out at Point A but throughout the site build, the goal posts shift and we end up an Point B. Imaging building a house and changing the bathroom hardware specs or redesigning the kitchen layout after the original plans had already been drawn up and approved.

So for smooth sailing ecommerce development, make sure you have a clear picture of the following:

  • Products: how many? what sizes or colour variations?
  • Shipping: by weight/size? flat rate by order? local and/or international?
  • Payments: what methods? which credit card processors?
  • Pricing: bulk pricing? wholesaler pricing? discount codes? special offers?

We can talk you through the pros and cons for all of your options, and help you make the right choices to suit your ecommerce objectives.

  • Mobile friendly web design for SRS Clinics
  • eCommerce website design for SRS Clinics
  • Portfolio image for SRS Clinics

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