Sweetpea Early Learning Centre

Building A Truly Unified
Brand Experience


Building a Brand That Stands the Test of Time

As a start-up business, it was vital for Sweetpea to get off to a great start. We started with their logo and branding, and it had to be something that would resonate with their prospects and customer base, suit their business model while at the same time setting them apart as an industry leader. We had just the look in mind…

The new logo was a play on the name, and this worked beautifully on the website and social media pages, especially after we designed an animated version to play on the banner of their Facebook page. The entire brand came together with a very playful colour scheme and a number of animated cartoon characters.

Nurtured With Tenderness

Sweetpea needed a website that would readily connect them to new local audience down in Christchurch. Going up against many already established Kindergartens in the area, Sweetpea needed to stand out. During the design phase, we developed a number of animated characters and a colour scheme that was both modern and fresh.