Project Description

Sweet Pea Early Learning Centre

A fun logo design and engaging website

Building a brand

As a start-up business, it was vital for Sweet Pea to get off to a great start. We started with their logo and branding, and it had to be something that would resonate with their prospects and customer base, suit their business model while at the same time setting them apart as an industry leader.

Location: Christchurch

The new logo design was a play on the name. We took inspiration from the sweet pea vine and flower in creating their new logo. The choice of font, colour and graphic elements tied everything together nicely. The flower component doubles as a heart to convey feeling of care and happiness that should be synonymous with any early learning centre.

The logo works beautifully on the website and social media pages, especially after we designed an animated version to play on the banner of their Facebook page.

Sweetpea wanted their website to be bright and fun to reflect the atmosphere they maintain within their childcare centre. The website has been designed to be mobile friendly – a critical component considering their audience will often be seeking out childcare centres at home in their spare time, and often on a mobile phone or tablet. The stats back this up for Sweetpea with mobile/tablet users accounting for 67% of their website traffic.

Engaging website design is critical for the success of a website. With a highly respectable bounce rate of around 14% for mobile traffic is evidence that this website design is playing its role in the success of Sweetpea.

  • Logo animation for Sweet Pea
  • Animation for Sweetpea
  • Responsive website development for Sweetpea

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