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Every website we build comes with SEO Fundamentals – important ground work that will ‘clear the path’ for search engine success. But it doesn’t end there. For those looking to capitalise on this sound SEO foundation, consider an SEO Boost.

Google loves a secure, optimised website. SEO Boost is an additional, performance- and security-based package where we take your website to the next level.

Great content forges deep emotional connections.  Creating purposeful content like this requires a well-defined content marketing plan; a plan that is developed from the insights gained during the course of the discovery and assessment process. It starts with our in-depth persona development process. This allows us to become experts in who your buyers are, where they spend their time online and how they make buying decisions.

In addition to attracting your ideal website visitors and converting them into customers, we also design content marketing plans that engage industry thought leaders who are in a position to become brand advocates.

Measurement and improvement using a combination of social media platforms, analytics, CRM and/or marketing automation allow you to test the impact of social content on the journey of your social connections. Furthermore, it’s important to see and monitor how your social content travels and how the social interactions of your target audiences can steer and improve your content marketing.

Hart Design work collectively to create pieces of content perfectly tailored to your target audience, served over multiple digital channels. The experience working with growing companies allows us to set a strategy for both quick wins and a long-term approach to improving conversions and revenue.

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