Google Ads

Management Service


Google Ads are a great option for businesses who’re starting out and looking to hit the ground running. Or for those who need a boost in web traffic or online sales. If you’ve had a look ‘under the hood’ of Google Ads and found it all too daunting, we’re here to help.

We’re experienced in establishing Google Ad campaigns. We know best practice as well as the pitfalls and traps to avoid. If you get it wrong, you risk running up a sizable bill with Google with very little to show for it.

As a Google Adwords management company, our service goes beyond simply getting your Ad online. Once your campaign starts recording data we’ll soon identify additional areas for improvement and optimisation. Our Google Adwords management allows for an ongoing and hands-on approach to your Google Ads account.

Market forces are fluid, and that’s no different with Google Ads: you can’t just set it and forget it. Our team will monitor and tweak various aspects of your Ad campaigns throughout the course of each month.

Many Google Ads companies will charge you X% of your spend with Google. What makes us the best google ads management company is we charge one low, fortnightly fee no matter what your spend is with Google. This is because for most campaigns, the work involved in maintaining a Google Ad campaign is the same, regardless of how much you spend on keyword clicks.

So you can adjust your spend with Google up and down as you see fit, and know that your management fee with Hart Design will remain the same.