About Hart Design

Passionate About Design

Hart Design is a creative design studio, based in Auckland. We specialise in website design, logo design and branding, graphic design and digital marketing. Hart Design provides a wealth of skills and experience in marketing strategy and design, delivering a unique service to businesses looking to grow. We create visually impactful, functional, and thoughtful websites, inbound marketing campaigns and print materials that support your brand and engage your audience.

We’re passionate about great design. Be it website design, logo design, graphic design or digital marketing, Hart Design is a creative agency that can elevate your image and impact in a busy visual world. Contact Hart Design today – we welcome the chance to discuss how we can help you.

We’re a creative design agency based in Auckland. You can find us in East Tamaki, however, geography is no boundary in this digital age. Hart Design service companies right across Auckland City, and throughout New Zealand. Beyond the greater Auckland region, we also provide website design and digital marketing services to companies in Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Wellington as well as Christchurch in the South Island.

Being an isolated Pacific Island nation has proven to be no obstacle to international commerce. Hart Design regularly works with a number of clients in Australia and the United States. Favourable exchange rates can often be conducive to reduced costs for quality website design for our Trans-Pacific and Trans-Tasman clients.

Over the years we have maintained relationships with businesses operating out of the Pacific Islands and into Europe.

In this digital age, there’s no reason for either ourselves or our clients to burn precious time, fossil fuels and contribute towards Auckland’s clogged motorways. Our team is accessible via a number of digital channels including live chat, video conferencing – its easy and effective – and of course there’s always email and phone.

We’re big advocates of video conferencing. A fantastic tool for discussing your design projects, it’s incredibly easy to use, allows for screen sharing and conference calling. We use Google Meet so it is easy and free for you to jump on in for a chat. All you need is a Chrome browser, plus a built-in microphone and camera. All modern laptops come pre-equipped with what you need. Or you can connect on the go – simply call in from your mobile (wifi- and data-free). We operate UFB here at the office, however in our experience, most internet connections have no trouble connecting with Google Meet.

Old school? Not a problem – we welcome your visit to our studio in East Tamaki. Please book a time with us if you’d like to call in for a chat and a decent coffee. We love talking shop and would gladly discuss the how we’re different, and the ways we can help your business grow through our web design, graphic design and digital marketing services.

At Hart Design we’re non-discriminatory across all levels of business – it makes no difference to us whether you’re a one man band, one of New Zealand’s many SMEs or a large multinational firm. What counts is attitude: we offer energy, innovation, initiative and good, old-fashioned Kiwi gumption. We bring problem solving to our core services of website design, logo design, graphic design and digital marketing.

So if your consider yourself proactive and energetic, too, then we should talk! We love to engage with like-minded businesses regardless of their size or where they are in New Zealand or around the world.

We’re proactive, energetic and passionate about creating engaging, successful websites, logos and online/offline design materials for your business. We want you to succeed in business as much as we do ourselves.

Hart Design offer a creative eye for design and bring attention to detail in everything that we do.

It is these attributes that set us apart from the masses. And there are masses of web designers across Auckland! All too often we have folks contacting us having had a bad experience with another design firm. That’s not just us blowing our own trumpet – like any industry there are layers of competency and service and we’d hope that you will give Hart Design a try first. You won’t walk away disappointed: a win-win result is what drives our goal for growing our business as well contributing to the success of yours.

Key Personnel

Account Director, Since 1995
Senior Designer, Since 2001


Hart Design has been helping brands tell their story since ’95. How we’ve done that has evolved over the years. Having set up the digital division for Panprint – then New Zealand’s forerunner in offset printing – Mark Hart established Hart Design in 1995. The company took its first breaths as computer-aided graphic design was dawning. The company provided graphic design and print brokering services to Auckland businesses.

The new millenium ushered in the rise of website development and new digital trends such as email marketing. As the lines between graphic design and web developer crossed over, website design became one of our core offerings during the early 2000’s. For the last 10-or-so years, website design has represented the lion’s share of our workflow.

What’s Next

As our silver jubilee approaches, Hart Design continues to refine its craft. While the materials may have evolved from the physical to the digital, what has remained constant is our core mission. We’re always focused on quality design in whatever we do, and we’re always seeking to help brands tell their story.

And what is emerging now is video. True, video is here now – it’s not new – but what is changing is how businesses are using it to tell their story. We’re excited about the opportunities video provides and how it can be increasingly integrated with website design and digital marketing. There’s no doubt that video will fill the void left by the eroded print industry, and we’re keen to ride that wave.

Join us! If you’d like to see how video can elevate your digital marketing then drop us a line; we’d love to chat.

Innovation In Design

Building brands with innovative thinking is why we are trusted by our valued clients, and we aim to go above and beyond your expectations. Our DNA is laced with the desire and passion to make your business successful, and we will go to extreme lengths to make sure that happens.

Could you use a creative advantage?

Let our creative team elevate your online/offline brand to a whole new level.