Download Web Hosting Terms of Service

Web Hosting Terms of Service

Standard Terms & Conditions for the supply of services

This agreement sets out the terms that apply to the relationship between you, your agent(s) and/or principal(s) (“you” and “your”) and Hart Design Limited our agent(s) (“we”, “us” and “our”).

Standard Web Hosting
  • 1 SQL database
  • Unlimited storage space (fair use policy applies)
  • Unmetered bandwidth (fair use policy applies)
  • No automated account backup
  • Suitable for small-medium brochure websites
Advanced Web Hosting
  • Up to 3 SQL databases
  • Unlimited storage space (fair use policy applies)
  • Unmetered bandwidth (fair use policy applies)
  • 1 weekly automated account backup (Sunday)
  • Recommended for ecommerce (Woocommerce) and sites with third-party integrations

Hart Design provides unlimited disk space and unmetered and data for Customers on our shared web hosting VPS. This provides generous fair use file storage and bandwidth (data transfer) for each Customer.

Disk Space

Fair Use allows for unrestricted storage of files for the purposes of hosting a Customer’s website. It does not allow for excessive manual or automated backups. It does not allow for the Customer to use this disk space as a repository for files unnecessary or unrelated to the hosting of the Customer’s website. It does not allow for the storage of disproportionately large files in connection to a Customer’s website. Media files (images, video, documents) should be optimised according to best practices. Restrictions may be put in place to enforce correct media optimisation.


Bandwidth (data transfer) covers bandwidth both Nationally (New Zealand), and Internationally data per month. This unmetered bandwidth provides all Customers, collectively, with up to 1TB of data transfer per month. Customers may use this data for any purpose other than those unacceptable as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Fair Use

Customers may use these features as they like but must stay within reasonable standards of fair use.

Should Hart Design Limited deem a customer’s account as exceeding fair use bandwidth consumption or disk space usage which causes interference with other users, Hart Design will notify the Customer and allow the Customer to remedy the problem. However, should a Customers’ bandwidth usage be significantly greater than fair use, Hart Design reserves the right to suspend or throttle the customers account where appropriate. Hart Design will discuss available options that could provide better service for the customer.

a) Hart Design includes its employees and directors.

b) The “Agreement” means Terms and Conditions and the details on the Application for an account.

c) The “Customer” means the person(s) or company identified as the customer on the application for an account.

d) The “Service” means Hart Design services, including but not limited to: web hosting, domain registration, virtual private server hosting, SSL certificates and labour.

e) The “Users” refers to the Customer’s employees, agents, affiliates and customers.

Hart Design retains the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

These terms and conditions are the terms on which Hart Design provides the Service to the customers, modified only by any written variation between Hart Design and the Customers in any particular case. The terms so modified constitute the agreement in its entirety and supersede all prior agreements. Hart Design may modify these terms, the pricing structure for the Service and the operation of the Service by notice to (the last email address provided to Hart Design by) the Customer.