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Logo Design

What Are You Looking For In A Logo Design?

A successful logo design will tell a story about your business and what you stand for. For your target audience, a well-designed logo can make an instant connection between the solution they are searching for and your company.

Hart Design are Auckland logo designers. We specialise in creating connections and helping you write your story with creative, professional logo design.

The best logo design starts with understanding. The better we understand your goals and your target audience gives us a greater opportunity to then execute the best logo design for your business. We’ll brainstorm words and thoughts which translate into early logo ideas. A refining process will elevate the best of these ideas into a strong visual representation of who you are as a company.

Colour, form, typography and icons. A finished logo is a combination of these elements working in harmony. And when they all add up to something greater than the sum of their parts, this is the intangible, emotional quality of the logo that makes a logo so powerful.

When we’re designing a logo we’re thinking ahead to how to the logo could be used across a range of graphic design projects from business cards and brochures, in signage and embroidery and into digital media from website design to social media pages.

Considering the long-term branding is a key feature of our logo design service.

Want a fresh new logo designed for your business?

Logo design is our passion and with our practiced eye for design we’ll create a striking, memorable and engaging identity for your business.