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An Inbound Marketing agency in Auckland

We are working with customers all over the country and are happy to talk with you wherever your business is located. Hart Design can offer an effective and results-oriented collaboration for companies wishing to work long-term and systematically with marketing in digital channels. Based on a digital marketing strategy, we tailor an inbound marketing engagement agreement for your business. Then we put together an implementation plan with agreed performance targets and an agreed amount per month.

Common goals for the collaboration can be:

  • Increase the correct traffic to your website
  • Increase the number of qualified leads
  • Create more customer inquiries

All measures are continuously measurable to the smallest detail. We can thus see cost and effect and continuously adjust these. The plan is reviewed and adjusted regularly based on the results. For the cost of one full-time promoter, you will have an entire team of specialists available to you.

Follow Digital Behavior

In the contact database you will not only get your demographic data from your leads, but also a chronological overview of their digital behavior: from visited web pages to email and social media.

Social Media

Publish your blog posts, ebooks and landing pages from HubSpot to your various accounts easily. Monitor Twitter streams on relevant keywords for your business and get relevant context, such as lifecycle internship.

Email Marketing

Optimize your emails during creation: HubSpot gives you tips on timing and delivery. Personalize, from sender to message and call-to-action, and test your mails in more than 30 mailboxes before sending your mail.

Personalise Your Content

How do you start a personal conversation with thousands of leads without inflating your budget? Personalise your visitor’s content: from relevant calls-to-actions, to content and custom, progressive forms.

Optimise your blog posts

Strong, relevant and authentic content is essential for Inbound. Post your blogs within HubSpot and get immediate SEO optimisation suggestions for your keywords.

Profile Your Visitors

Visitors are welcome to post their data for relevant content (white papers, ebooks, checklists…). To do this, you use techniques like call-to-action and optimised landing pages.

Build Automated Workflows

Follow your leads with automation. Build scenarios to further edit your leads, according to an automated schedule (lead nurturing) – with as many actions, steps and contact points as needed. From follow-up emails to internal notifications.

Measure Everything

In the digital age, you can measure almost everything, but without solid reporting, that is just a big deal of big numbers. Before you know, go to the More Strategy: “More of Everything”. Understand which channels have provided your visitors, leads, and customers.


Segment your contacts on both demographic data (number of employees, industry, …) and on digital behavior. That lead intelligence can help you send emails, monitor social media, build reports, … Use this information to track your leads and lead leads to your sales team in a timely manner.

Sync With Your CRM

The HubSpot API lets you easily sync (bi-directional) with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, or marketing tools like GoToWebinar or Eventbrite.

HubSpot CRM

The marketing platform comes with a free CRM platform, tailor made for sales people in small and medium-sized businesses.

Service & Support

HubSpot is exceptionally customer-centric, with an efficient helpdesk, and an exceptional academy and certification programme.

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A “one-stop shop” Content Agency, Hart Design provides all-in creative, strategic, production, post-production and distribution services for a 360°, 24/7 world.