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Website Design & Branding for Shower Manufacturer

Symphony Showers

Design A Fresh Brand Identity

Hart Design is perfectly placed to provide a full design service from web design right through to logo design and brandingSymphony Showers is a New Zealand owned shower manufacturer based here in East Auckland. The Symphony brand is one of several operating under the parent company

Fibre Systems Ltd. Steve Keene of Fibre Systems approached Hart Design recently to design a fresh brand identity for Shower Systems and the two other brands operating under the Fibre Systems banner, as well as the design and development of a new responsive website for Symphony Showers.

Brand Development & Strategy

Fibre Systems operate three brands to cater for different markets. Nouera Shower Systems comprises their premium shower range and provides the overarching brand under which two separate ranges, known as Symphony Shower Systems and Stellar Shower Systems, are marketed to specific sectors.

The logo design brief was to create continuity across the three brands while at the same time respecting the hierarchy described above.

Contemporary Logo Design

Our approach was to create a contemporary logo design and was easily modified to allow for the three variations – and also cater for any new brands that may eventuate in future. To achieve this goal of versatility, the logo design must be simple, clean. We selected a modern sans-serif font and designed an icon to accompany the text.

The icon design represents a shower head, naturally, and it has a regal feel to it. Together with the typeface used and the composition of the logo, the overall effect of the logo is certainly clean and crisp – just what you want to represent a shower manufacturer.

Brand separation was provided by selecting two modern, punchy colours that look equally great online and in print. To pitch Nouera just above the others, this logo features the addition of a charcoal grey colour for the type while retaining the original lavender tone which both the Nouera and Stellar brands are already known for.

Where the other two logos are simply one colour, the two-tone Nouera logo is very subtly elevated above the others. Brand continuity was provided by maintaining the font, icon and composition across all three logos.

The key to any good logo design is in its simplicity. This allows the logo to be easily replicated across all media from print to website to signage to embroidery, and of course in social media where a brand must be easily recognisable at very small sizes. Additionally, the branding exercise included both horizontal and vertical logo layouts.
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