Project Description


Logo, graphic design and web design

A book full of memories

Hot on the heels of Lucentt’s In Loving Memory Of product, they’ve now developed a new product which required a new logo, graphic design and an online ordering website – all designed and built by the creative minds at Hart Design.

Introducing a new style of photo book system designed for retirement village residents to compile their life story, at their leisure. The system includes hardcover premium-quality covers, a unique professional binding solution and access to relevant modern online templates. The system allows the retirement home (large or small) to provide a professional photo book style, a personalised memento that can be produced cost-effectively — internally.

Hart Design are logo designers. Just like with Lucentt’s ILMO project, our creative team came up with the name for this project. We integrated the client’s tagline and set about creating a logo that helped paint a clear picture of that Recollections is all about. The logo looks great on their website, classic in white on black. And is stunning printed with silver foil on their book covers.

Hart Design are graphic designers. Taking the lead from our earlier with for Lucentt, our graphic design team created book cover designs, brochures, paper order forms and Canva templates. These various elements were provided promotional materials for the new product as well as forming part of the finished article for the Recollections system.

Hart Design are web developers. As a full service digital creative agency, Hart Design has taken Lucentt’s Recollections product from concept through to logo design and online in the form on an online ordering website. We’ve used WordPress with Woocommerce – a well known ecommerce platform popular for its ease of use and flexible functionality. We’ve customised Woocommerce to provide a simple online ordering process for the Recollections system, including a subscription-based product.