souly funerals

Branding That Enables
And Encourages Innovation

Souly Funerals

Everybody’s Situation Is Different

Souly Funerals allows you to customise your own funeral and gives you alternatives from having no Funeral Service, Memorial Service to having a full Funeral Service. Souly Funerals wanted to stand out and do things very differently.

So we set about designing them a very unique and new look both in print and on the web. Their logo and branding was the first task and once this was ticked off the remaining projects fell nicely into place.

One Tool With Many Uses

We updated the existing Souly Funerals logo by simplifying and modernizing the mark. The result was a one-colour design that was both visually appealing in print and on the web. We created a mobile-friendly website in WordPress that allow Souly Funerals administrators to auto-publish and display their new content.