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Customising Woocommerce for B2B

Woocommerce is a popular plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a powerful ecommerce platform. Typically, Woocommerce is used for B2C online stores. However there are myriad ways that the plugin can be customised to fit your particular business model, including for B2B stores. In our experience, each B2B operation has their own requirements when it comes to ecommerce web design. Let’s take a look at what this looks like for 4Seasonz, an apparel supplier contracted primarily to a number of government agencies.

4Seasonz isn’t selling to the general public. Their web design requirement was to build an online ordering portal for approved users only. To accommodate this in Woocommerce, we’ve disabled the standard ability for people to create an account on this store. We then imported a list of approved users, including which government department they represented.

Each government department had access to only certain product lines. Using an official Woocommerce extension, we were able to apply specific products to selected user groups. Meanwhile, Managers had the ability to view all products and create orders on behalf of any department.

4Seasonz had a look at their new ecommerce website, together with their client. They came up with a few extra ideas that would make life easier for the users who will be placing orders on the site. Again, these modifications were a little out of the ordinary for your average ecommerce site. However, our web developers were able to implement the necessary changes that provided for their unique needs.

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Thanks team, this online ordering portal is exactly what we need. We now have an online ordering system that is easy to use and ticks all the boxes for our biggest client.

Shane Webb – 4Seasonz