Project Description

BM Tronics

Design influencing decisions

Logo Design, Branding & Website Design

In business for many years, BM Tronics sought to lift their game with new branding including a logo design, print materials and a website. With a fleet management system and the power of the Telstra mobile network, BM Tronics helps you turn data into decisions. Our job as designers was to encourage positive engagement decisions from BM Tronics’ target audience.

BM Tronics wanted a fresh new look, a new brand that’s clean professional and designed to set them apart in a competitive industry. BM Tronics approached Hart Design because of our long-standing relationship with Teletrac Navman and the design work we have done for them over the years.

We chose red as the main company colour. Its a strong colour and symbolises energy and precision. The icon design is a hybrid of typical a locator pin and navigation imagery, combining to create a unique logo for BM Tronics.

We have created a brochure design, business stationery designs and pull up banners. All elements are tied together with a common style designed to create brand continuity.

Hart Design has built a business website using WordPress, our CMS of choice. WordPress is a great tool for website development due to its potential for fresh, contemporary website design and its ease of use for our clients to maintain. The website is mobile friendly and easy to navigate – two essentials for modern website design.

Off the back of adding some new services to their website, the BM Tronics website has just had a web design overhaul. This comes almost three years after the initial website design launch. This exercise was not about “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”, more about elevating the website design to keep pace with current design trends. We were able to deliver a little extra refinement to this website.

In particular, we paid attention to improving its user-friendliness. The construction of the main menu had a re-think, and the responsive mobile layout saw significant improvement, too.

Beyond what you can see with this updated web design, we took the time to implement some important security updates for the WordPress website. This attention to detail is not something you get from every web designer. But for Hart Design, we take security seriously and always advocate regular security review and maintenance of your website. This is true regardless of what CMS you use.

In this case, we have updated the core WordPress software, the themes and plugins that drive this site. We have also installed and configured our favourite WordPress security plugin. These steps have minimised the vulnerability footprint for this website.