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How Chocola chose a web design company in Auckland

Seeking a web design company in Auckland, Jose Carlos De La Macorra chose Hart Design to craft a beautiful new website for his business and his life’s passion, Chocola. Chocola is a celebration of traditional chocolate making, a feature of Mesoamerican cultures for many thousands of years.

Jose has always had an attraction to cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate. His artisan chocolate business is where Jose shares this passion with the people of Auckland, offering chocolate making workshops. Chocola also produces its own brand of boutique chocolate milk, which is sold wholesale to cafès and retail chains around the country.

When searching for a web designer in Auckland, Jose craved a company that could echo his love for chocolate on the world wide web. He identified Hart Design as website designers that shared his enthusiasm for craft in their chosen field.

Having browsed our site, Jose’s initial instinct was that the cost of a website designed by Hart Design may be prohibitive for a small Auckland business. But he called anyway, as he was particularly taken with our flair for design. For Jose, our website stood out from the crowd, and he was pleasantly surprised to learn that the high level of web design from Hart Design was within reach. He’d unearthed the quality, affordable web design company in Auckland that he’d set out to find.

A website is nothing without quality photography. The power of imagery to instantly convey your message should never be overlooked. In a competitive web design market, our point of difference is our talent for content creation. For Chocola, this meant a day’s photo shoot that captured their handmade chocolate class in action, their artisan chocolate milk product and the traditional tools of the trade that are each a work of art in themselves.

The Chocola website blends Jose’s enthusiastic words, a dash of his own personal photos amongst our photographs, cacao plant illustrations and finished with bright colours extracted straight out of the charismatic surrounds of Chocola’s Glen Innes premises. A recipe crafted specifically for Chocola.


We’re so much more than just another web design company in Auckland. We approach each website development project on its own merits and have the capabilities to generate the content your website needs to hit the ground running.

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We’re here for those who share a passion for craft in their chosen field. If you’d like your website to truly represent your business online, we should get together over coffee (or perhaps a chocolate milk).

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