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Nectar Body and Bath make organic, cruelty-free soap bars, shampoo bars and other natural personal care products. They approached Hart Design for guidance on how to improve their engagement with consumers new to Nectar’s range. The first thing we noticed was that their DIY photography failed to embody the je ne sais quoi of these charming products. We set out to capture the essence of Nectar soap and shampoo bars with fresh product photography.

Initially, the products were set against a plain white paper background and garnished with a snippet from a String of pearls pot plant. The foliage was used consistently across all product shots, making the photographs monotonous when viewed collectively.

The textures and undulating shapes of Nectar’s natural soap products are attractive on their own. However, their original product shots lacked inspiration. We set out to add a little extra zing, so deserving of these delightful products.

We replaced the plain white paper with a bathroom tile, almost white in colour and with a subtle, darker swirl running through it. The idea is to place the products in an environment where the consumer will be using them; the bathroom.

The effect provides context and therefore stimulates a stronger connection with the viewer. The texture also adds warmth to the shots, while complementing the product. Simplicity is key. We were mindful not to have the background become the feature. A darker or busier tile would have had the opposite effect.

Having our own pop-up photography studio inhouse meant we were able to provide more light from more angles. This has immediately boosted the impact of the product shots, with superior clarity, greater depth and softer shadows.

Using relevant props in product photography celebrates what makes each item unique.

We ditched the well-travelled String of pearls in favour of product-specific props. This has brought a new brightness to each product shot. And now there is variation across the product range. This helps each item to showcase its individual appeal. It provides a visual explanation to the viewer, defining what makes one product different from the next.

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Selling the Sizzle through Product Photography

Nectar’s new product photography make their soap bars look so good we could eat them! If you need creative product shots for use on your website, social media or in print, we can help.

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