Project Description

Piccolo Park

Embody Your Business with Web Design

Is your website a true reflection of your business?

Piccolo Park offers three state-of-the-art Childcare Centres in East Auckland. If you’ve seen inside one of their early learning centres, then you’ll know they are a cut above their competition. Until recently, their website failed to reflect the level of quality and thought that they’ve put into each location. That’s why they turned to Hart Design. We provide a modern web design service that accurately represents who you are as a business.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for building contemporary websites that can rank very well. However, great results don’t happen on their own. And in the wrong hands, things can go wrong.

Like any technology, WordPress must be maintained to perform at its peak. The old Piccolo Park website was left unchecked and had literally ground to a halt; only the home page would load while all other pages returned an error. It was like this for months! As the principal marketing tool for their business, a website that doesn’t load is a disaster.

Beyond web hosting, Hart Design offers a WordPress Security Plan that mitigates against these issues. We ensure your WordPress software, themes and plugins are up to date and conflict-free. We proactively maintain your web hosting technology to ensure your website performs optimally. This approach is also your best defence against being hacked, an under-appreciated problem in the web design industry.

A functioning website is one thing. A contemporary website design that properly reflects your business is another. When a visitor sees your site for the first time, it often informs their first impression of your business.

For Piccolo Park, the goal was to present a clean, professional image fused with fun graphics, quirky font and bright colours. This multifarious approach web design provides a mirror image of the Piccolo Park childcare centres. The new website offers a window into their childcare centres from afar.

Website photography is a natural extension to our web design service. For Piccolo Park, this is an essential element that signals the success of this website design. We visited all three Auckland Childcare centres, and with a “fly on the wall” approach, we’ve captured a snapshot of everyday life at Piccolo Park.

A website should never be viewed as a “set it and forget it” proposition. View your website as a living, breathing entity that continually tells your ever-unfolding story.

In another extension to our web design service, we offer flexible retainer packages that can be moulded to meet your needs. For Piccolo Park, their staff will provide a steady stream of content that profiles daily life, special events, news and information. Hart Design will format that content on their website to ensure the high level of professionalism, consistency and quality is maintained on their website.