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J.R. Webb & Son

Web design from a blank canvas

Web design, photography & content writing

Way back in 1932, Jack Webb, went from one decorating job to the next on his trusty bicycle with a ladder securely attached to the side. Fast-forward nearly nine decades, J.R. Webb & Son (1932) Ltd has established an outstanding reputation for Painting and Decorating across a range of large scale products throughout Auckland and beyond.

Current owners, Jim Dennis and Peter Jolliffe, deeply value the rich history of J.R. Webb. They see their role as custodians of the J.R. Webb & Son legacy. One way to protect a company’s history is to document its successes. They’ve turned to Hart Design for modern website design and content creation (crafting words and images for the web).

Most website design projects have a starting point: an old website, a product catalogue or brochure. For J.R. Webb, we were presented with a totally blank canvas. Our creative team started with writing copy for the new website.

We sat down with J. R. Webb Director Peter Jolliffe to interview him about the company’s history and where they sit in today’s painting and decorating scene. We learned about the high-profile projects they’d been a part of over the years. Peter explained the emerging environmental and technological advances in their industry.

That time spent with Peter gave us valuable insight into his company. From there, we crafted the J.R. Webb & Son story, spread across eight core website pages.

A picture… ahem… paints a thousand words! When your website features photography that speaks persuasively on your behalf, the communication battle is all but won. Look no further! Your viewers will immediately know that you can fulfil their need.

J.R. Webb & Son have a collection of photographs they’d built up over the years. This helped to tell their history in pictures. We wanted to build upon that base with a series of high-quality photographs that told the story of the projects they are working on right now.

Peter Jolliffe identified three current projects that helped to describe the breadth of their painting and decorating scope. Our photographers captured their work in progress at Kensington Park residential development, Domain Terraces apartments and an upmarket private residence in Riverhead.

No contemporary web design is complete without video footage. We combined video from our digital DSLR cameras and DJI Mavric Mini drone to help make the J.R. Webb & Son home page shine. A short compilation of video clips quickly demonstrates the scale of commercial painting projects that J.R. Webb is capable of working on.

For the cherry on top, we found a lively little stock video clip that helped add a touch of animation to the website’s core pages.

With professional copywriting, photography and drone footage in the can, our creative web designers now have some valuable components with which to build the new website design.

Naturally enough, the site’s home page displays the lion’s share of the videography. Key messages from the copywriting are distilled into bite-sized snippets of who J.R. Webb & Son are, and their capabilities.

The page is complete with icons, lists, photography and partner logos. Everything on the page is designed to present a clear picture of the quality and scope that the company produces everyday for its customers.

Foolproof navigation and engaging page layouts quickly and effectively impart their primary message: J.R. Webb is a trusted and proven company with one foot firmly in the past and the other striding ahead as they continue a fine tradition of Painting and Decorating.

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How will you document your company’s legacy?

After 88 years in business, J.R. Webb & Son now have a website that reflects who they are as a company. And best of all, we’ve built it with the future in mind. This website design is ready for regular brush strokes of new content, each one helping to preserve their heritage.

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