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Selling Online with WordPress

Weldy uses WordPress with Woocommerce

Carr New Zealand Ltd are the exclusive distributor of Weldy hot air tools in this country and throughout the Pacific Islands. Offering affordable tools for both professionals and home handymen, Carr are ready to ramp up their marketing efforts for Weldy products. A new WordPress website will be the hub for all marketing initiatives. Hart Design has provided the web design service, which includes Woocommerce, the number one plugin that transforms WordPress into a powerful e-commerce platform.

Identifying the right tool for the job, quickly and easily, requires a well-designed navigation system. We wanted to cater for the varying mindsets that people would enter the website. Some folks shop by Category (in this case; Tools, Accessories, Elements), while others will first think of their Industry, and see what’s available for them. Whichever way you approach it, we’ve designed the website so that you can quickly locate what you need.

Which accessory applies to which tool? With the detail provided by Carr, we have created connections that link relevant accessories and elements to the Tools that they’re paired with. In this way, users can again quickly find the right part for their needs.

A tricky part of any ecommerce website project is defining your shipping rules. You need to find a balance between a number of important factors:

  • Ensure your shipping costs are clearly visible to your customers, easy to understand and the cost is reasonable to them
  • Making sure you cover your freight costs satisfactorily
  • Making your ecommerce website easily manageable in terms of defining your shipping rates

The truth of the matter is, you can make shipping costs as simple or as complicated as you like. If you wanted to calculate precisely how much each order will cost you, depending on physical size and weight, and of course by destination, you may find yourself at the more difficult end of the scale. Alternatively, you could set more easily defined freight rules. In such cases, some orders may cost you a little more to ship while for others the costs are negligible. But over the course of time you’re coming out ahead.

Weldy products may be a small accessory or element. Or they could be a 5 kg machine. We’ve defined a variable freight calculation that will apply a lower shipping cost to smaller items tools, while for Tools a higher shipping cost applies. If multiple tools appear in an order, an additional freight charge will apply. These shipping rates are variable across different regions around New Zealand, defined by Postcodes.

Without promoting your ecommerce store, waiting for orders to come in off your website could be like waiting for a bus in the desert. Now that the ecommerce website build is complete, Carr New Zealand and Hart Design will put our heads together and implement an ongoing marketing strategy to drive traffic and encourage sales.

This can include a combination of online strategies from Google Ads to social media promotions to email marketing and beyond.

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