Project Description

Wynyard Wood

Providing a full Design Agency service

Going Beyond Web Design

With roots dating back more than a century, Wynyard Wood is a well-established, multi-partner legal firm. The company sought a fresh start with a new Auckland web designer, and came to Hart Design to lift their online game. Initially, our involvement was to implement a new standard in their print advertising and provide regular content updates on their website and social pages. More recently, we have launched a redesign of the Wynyard Wood website.

The original Wynyard Wood website offered a clean design, appropriate for their industry, yet it lacked polish and character. Our web design team set about modernising the website with contemporary web fonts, good use of colour and space. We simplified the navigation to help users quickly find what they are looking for.

The new website design honours the original clean and crisp look, while adding punch, vitality and definition to the pages.

With the launch of the new website, it was high time to update the staff photos, many of which were 10 years old! Time waits for no one, as they say. Luckily, we have a photography studio permanently set up in our East Tamaki studio, and conveniently right around the corner from Wynyard Wood’s Highbrook offices.

In keeping with the Wynyard Wood brand, we selected a dark grey backdrop for the portrait photographs. Each portrait is consistently set at the same angle to create uniformity across the website’s Our People page.

On the website, the images initially appear as greyscale, and then rollover to full colour on hover.

Wynyard Wood maintains a presence in selected print publications. Each month, the firm provides advertorial content that focuses on a specific issue in law. The content is first added to the News section of their website. Next, our graphic design team crafts a quarter-page ad design, using a consistent, stylised theme that we developed for Wynyard Wood.

The design theme is to take content-appropriate stock imagery and apply a “pink opal” wash over which a bold font communicates the core message. The pastel hue nicely complements the green and grey branding of Wynyard Wood while allowing the main message to stand out.

In a clever touch, our graphic designers have invented an artistic tagline for Wynyard Wood. Taking inspiration from the WW decal in their logo, we have created a simple yet powerful statement that can be applied to any area of law:


The message is a positive affirmation for a proactive legal team. Whether you’re updating a Family Trust or facing a significant legal hurdle, this message speaks to having a reliable ally in law.

Using what we’ve created for Wynyard Wood’s print advertising, the print designs are converted into simplified graphics for use on the law firm’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The purpose of these posts is to make regular connections with their followers and drive traffic to their website.

The consistent design and regular, relevant content has seen a marked increase in traffic coming from these social pages