Project Description

Thorn Law

New web design, fresh twist

Auckland web design with new logo

For Adina Thorn, our website design stood out from the crowd. Thorn Law wanted to achieve that same effect in their field.

Over more than a decade, Adina Thorn Lawyers has built a reputation for representing Kiwis in taking on multinational corporations, fighting for what’s right – and winning. A name change to Thorn Law has meant a fresh website and logo design for this litigation and class action specialist.

Partners Rohan Havelock and Adina Thorn chose Hart Design as their preferred design agency. In their words, they scoured the web and found that the Hart Design website was the one site that stood out to them.

The original Adina Thorn website was built ten years ago when the firm began. It has served them well as a vehicle for pushing their success stories and sharing media articles that examine the big cases they’re behind. However, the website design is well past its use-by date.

Thorn Law’s name change has provided the ideal opportunity to reimagine the law firm’s web design. Taking the lead from the new logo, we’ve built a contemporary WordPress website that uses the logo’s linear design features. We’ve used colour to break up the pages into easy-on-the-eye sections.

Thorn Law is a friendly, approachable law firm. New staff photography has been supplied and used throughout the site to add a personal touch. Additionally, Hart Design has contributed our own photography service. Part of our content creation service, photography allows us to deliver a complete web design offering for those starting with a totally blank canvas. For Thorn Law, we’ve captured cityscapes from Auckland’s CBD to invoke a local connection and breathe life into the pages.

There are only a handful of lawyers in Auckland that specialise in class action cases. Thorn Law leads the pack. They wanted a fresh logo design that demonstrated their point of difference up-front. The logo echos the law firm’s modern, upbeat and energetic approach to their work.

The choice to employ all-lowercase typography by our logo designers was very deliberate. It was in direct response to the expected norm. Your typical lawyer would choose a serif font, often displayed in all caps. Flying in the face of this cliche says, “we’re different; we’re bold, and we’re confident.”

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