WordPress Performance & Security

SEO Boost

Want better Google rankings?

Every website we build comes with SEO Fundamentals – important ground work that will ‘clear the path’ for search engine success. But it doesn’t end there. For those looking to capitalise on this sound SEO foundation, consider an SEO Boost.

Google loves a secure, optimised website. SEO Boost is an additional, performance- and security-based package where we take your website to the next level.

It’s about getting better performance out of your WordPress website. We will provide a Before & After report which will demonstrate the gains we’ve achieved with your SEO Boost.

Page by page, we’ll ensure you have relevant, descriptive and unique page titles and meta descriptions. We may modify some headings and content if we identify some gaps in what’s there.

This feature really puts the ‘boost’ into your SEO Boost! This is where we truely optimise your website. A faster loading site is a win for Google and a win for your website visitors.

Prevention is the best cure. We will ensure all plugins used are up to date and install a firewall to minimise the risk of your website being hacked

We will audit and optimise your website’s database. A decluttered database is a proven performer for improving your website load times.