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Branding with Soul

Creative Logo Design

Creative logo design for a unique business

When creating a new logo design for this direct-to-consumer coffin business, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to create a truly unique and creative logo design for a unique business. Steven Davey at The Coffin Shop has never been shy of doing things a little differently. It’s one way to stand out in the crowd.

When crafting a creative logo, we consider its application across a range of media. How will the logo look in print? On a website? On a vehicle? Clever branding allows for flexibility in logo design.

That’s why we created two variants of the logo. One was a very simple typographic logo design. This version was designed to instantly communicate what the business does. Used for first impressions, the logo can be found in the website header and the front of the business card design.

We selected Poppins because it’s uncomplicated. Its classic gothic style is easy on the eye. It looks great in print as well as on the web. A range of font variants offered us flexibility when we built the website and when designing other print materials.

As logo designers, we saw an opportunity with The Coffin Shop logo to communicate their business values. Their philosophy is to “think different” (to borrow a line from Steve Jobs) – a value that’s in short supply in the funeral industry.

The secondary logo design we came up with The Coffin Shop presents the same font – Poppins – in a much more creative way. The obvious coffin shape clearly defines the business that it represents. Despite the words being split apart, the short letter arrangement and the bold, sans-serif typeface means that this logo design still remains very readable.

Together, the simple typographic logo design and the more creative logo design combine to create branding with soul.

We stand for creative, compelling logo design.

We develop branding with soul. If you’re seeking a new and creative logo, we should talk.

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