Project Description

Expression Funerals

A Very Kiwi Logo Design

A new logo for a new goal

An Auckland funeral home has pitched itself towards the lower end of the market for almost a decade. Highly successful in this space, they’d now like to target the higher end of their market. The company realises that their established brand doesn’t speak to the enquiries that are seeking a more complete funeral experience. So they’ve tasked Hart Design to create a new logo design for an entirely new brand. The goal is to craft a service that resonates with those who want more than a no-frills send-off for their loved one.

Why do we have funerals? Having a service for the dearly departed is a significant milestone in our journey through the grieving process. Academic studies have proven the necessity of a funeral if we are to, in time, come to terms with loss and reconnect with life.

For each person and each family, a funeral service can look different. Be it a quiet moment at home with close family and friends, a large gathering at the local community centre, or even a burial at sea… There is science behind the process of remembering the life of a loved one.

Our creative team summed up this notion in a single word: expression.

With the name Expression Funerals pencilled in, we check things like domain availability and conflicts with existing companies.

Having cleared those hurdles, we seek out a theme. We chose “written expression” to extrapolate on the name, and to inform both the font choice and the graphic. The feather represents a quill. Additionally, it speaks to the unseen journey made by the deceased, so often represented by a dove or other bird. It is also a nod to softness required from the Funeral Director towards a grieving family.

The font selection is all-important. We trial a wide range of fonts until we strike a balance between what fits the theme and what looks great on screen, in print and when used in embroidery and signwriting.

For the Expression Funerals logo design, we were mindful of three important factors:

  • Creating a premium look and feel;
  • Being different to the industry norm; and
  • Continuing to develop the design theme.

All of the above led us to draw inspiration from the colours of New Zealand’s iconic Tui. Teal, royal blue and black combine to bring this expressive, kiwi logo design to life.

  • expression-funerals-glass-door