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Fabricating a new logo design for startup business

Fabricating a new logo design for startup business

Following a lifetime in business at the helm of an 80-year old electrical engineering company, Tom Webster has now launched Generator Fabricators – a new company with the singular focus of crafting generator solutions to the global marine industry. We’ve just finalised a new logo design for the startup business.

We’re generating a new logo design for startup Auckland business. The client’s main requirement for the logo design was that we were to feature the initials GF with a lightning bolt icon. Our logo design team first selected a bold sans-serif font with strong geometric lines. The lightning bolt was drawn with slightly rounded points to match the typeface and the two elements combine to form a whole. Finally, the graphic has been rotated slightly to give the image a little extra energy.

“You know, this is very much what I had in mind when I first started thinking about our logo design,” says Kathy Sayle, Office Manager and long-time partner of Tom Webster. “You’ve hit the nail on the head!”

The colour in the new logo design was an important factor for Generator Fabricators. After considering a range of variations, in consultation with the client, we settled on three colours for three different reasons.

Charcoal grey denotes refinement, maturity and reliability. Yellow is, of course, synonymous with lightning. It also has a strong association throughout the generator industry. Teal was selected as a complementary colour to help make the logo stand out in a busy, colourful shipping yard – something a little different to the typical blue, red and yellow containers that line the world’s docks like skyscrapers.

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