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Our web developers were tasked with building an easy-to-use online ordering website for Lucentt, an innovative manufacturing company in East Tamaki. Lucentt primarily services the funeral industry throughout New Zealand. Their vast catalogue includes many products with complicated variations. For example, a Five Piece Side Set will have four Styles, with each Style having different Fabrics. Some of these Fabrics have various Colours available; some don’t. Then all of these variants come in two Shapes and Three sizes.

All of these variations needed to be presented as one product with a logical system for stepping through each available selection. With over 570 products, this online ordering website posed quite a challenge!

A popular eCommerce platform, Woocommerce can be utilised as an online ordering system for those who don’t need the transactional capabilities of a fully-fledged online store. This approach is useful for B2B wholesalers, where customers are invoiced monthly, and externally to their website.

Alternatively, Woocommerce can be converted into an “enquiry cart”. This allows prospective customers to request a quote or submit a product enquiry rather than commit to an order.

We’ve built Woocommerce websites with the Cart function completely disabled. This is great for companies who want to promote their product catalogue online, but for strategic reasons will open their products up for sale or ordering online at a later date. With the framework in place, future eCommerce development is within easy reach.

The needs described above are different from B2C stores looking to capture an immediate transaction.

To conquer Lucentt’s unique problem required extensive collaboration between Lucentt and our developers. We gained a firm understanding of the product range. And just as important, we understood how a typical Lucentt customer would navigate the product catalogue and select their preferred product variations.

Armed with this knowledge, we set about building the solution. Woocommerce is at the heart of the Lucentt online ordering website. Additionally, we leveraged a commercial WordPress plugin coupled with custom Javascript coding to collate the product variations and non-linear SKU codes.

Their old website featured online ordering, too. Yet, it couldn’t handle Lucentt’s complicated product variations and changeable SKU system, to our client’s satisfaction.

Hart Design has a talent for problem-solving. The result is an easy to use online ordering website that’s processing new orders for Lucentt daily.

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Hart Design has been awesome not only with reinventing my website but with all aspects of online marketing, analytics and SEO. Mark and the team are very approachable and understand business! Highly recommended!

Bruce Reid, Lucentt