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Premium Conveyancing

A Premium Logo Design

Premium Conveyancing Logo

Solicitor and entrepreneur, Richard Galbraith, prides himself on delivering a complete service. It’s what separates his companies from the others. So when Richard was seeking a professional corporate image for his company, Premium Conveyancing, he chose Hart Design to create a logo that reflected his business ethos. If you see your product or service as a cut above the rest, this story may resonate with you.

For people seeking a conveyancing service, Richard believes that those who are experienced and astute will recognise the differences between the various providers in the market. And the logo design – together with the company name – must play its role in (excuse the pun) conveying their corporate characteristics.

While the majority of the highly competitive property conveyancing market is busy cutting corners to save a dollar, Richard has opted out of that race to the bottom. Instead, Premium Conveyancing aims to do what it says on the tin; deliver a thorough conveyancing service, complete with first-class communication.

A professional service requires a clean, crisp logo design.

We started with the typeface. After considering several different fonts, our creative team settled on Barlow for its modern look, subtle inflexions and because you can read it in an instant. Another decisive characteristic is that Barlow is a slightly condensed font. This is important where your logo is comprised of two long words; it helps to prevent an overly long and ungainly design.

For the colour, we steered clear of industry norms like blue and red, instead, aiming to present a more contemporary image. Teal, paired with grey, represents fresh thinking and reliability.

The accompanying icon needed to represent the service visually; the transaction of property between two parties. The graphic we designed instantly hit the mark with our client and his team.

At Hart Design, we too like to provide a complete service. It’s why Richard chose to partner with our creative agency.

As expert designers, we are aware that one size does not fit all. There are times when a longer logo works best. Along the side of a branded pen, for example, and often in a website header. In other cases, a horizontal design just doesn’t fit.

That’s why we will always design a logo that has the flexibility to be used in any situation. We routinely present horizontal as well as stacked logo design variants when pitching a new logo design to our clients. We’ll provide example mockups that show each design in play in branded promotional items and corporate stationery.

To top it off, we consider a logo’s use in social media platforms, which often require a design compatible with a small square or round shape. For Premium Conveyancing, the icon on its own is a natural fit for use as a social media avatar.