Project Description

The Coffin Shop

Logo and Website Design For Auckland Startup

Logo and Website Design

Business owner Steven Davey is always looking for a unique angle in the competitive funeral and cremation market. He has launched a startup operation aimed at providing caskets direct to the public. Steven approached Hart Design, his go-to creative agency, to create a striking new logo and brochure-style website to get him started.

WordPress is our preferred platform for building modern websites for our customers. When crafted with a creative eye, it’s perfect for creating stylish, custom websites for organisations of any shape or size. So it was natural for us to choose WordPress when designing the new website for The Coffin Shop.

Steven wanted to provide an online catalogue with basic information about his vast range of coffins. Then pitch them at a below-market price to those looking for ways to reduce the expense of their loved one’s funeral. The products needed to be easily navigated. We created a system where users can filter the range of items by what’s most important to his target audience: pricing.

Another tick in the “pro” column for WordPress is that it’s easy to maintain. Steven and his team manage the website themselves, editing content at will.

This website build stops short of eCommerce because Steven wants his audience to connect with his company on a more personal level; entirely appropriate for his industry. However, if in future he would like to sell product from his website, WordPress is the ideal platform to take this website to the next level.

Every website we build is crafted with SEO, as well as great design, in mind. For a website to rank well in Google, there are several search engine optimisation essentials that should be present. We call these your SEO fundamentals. These include a combination of on-page SEO techniques as well as external factors, such as quality web hosting. The Coffin Shop’s website is hosted on our own WordPress-optimised web server, located in Auckland, for the ultimate in local WordPress web hosting.

At the time of writing, you will find listed as the second organic Google search result for their most prominent keyphrase: coffins direct.

We’ve built a high quality, creative website with which The Coffin Shop can launch their new startup. Advanced SEO is a different conversation, however, preparing a good foundation is critical to achieving valuable search engine rankings.

In honour of Steven’s drive to be different, our creative team took the opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s normal in a logo design. The result is an original new logo that pushes back against the conventional methods that are prevalent in the funeral industry at large. This more relaxed approach to logo design provides a visual nod to The Coffin Shop’s motto, “Helping make the most difficult time of life just a little easier.”

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